What is Personal Coaching?

A useful definition of personal coaching is that it ‘takes you to the next level of your life.’
Laura Berman Fortgang

Personal Coaching is a facilitative process whereby individuals work out where they want to go in life and set goals for themselves which are in keeping with their values. Coaching is different from Counselling or Psychotherapy, in that it doesn’t try and sort out major pieces of unfinished business from a person’s past. Instead, Coaching is future directed with an emphasis on taking action in the present so as to realise a better future.

Client’s who work with a Coach (whether Business Coach or Life coach, will spend some time exploring the goals they wish to set. The coach will usually help the client to explore his or her values so as to align the client’s goals with the values. The coach will then offer support, encouragement and challenge as the client takes steps to realise the goals.

Clients coming for Personal Coaching typically come for help in some or all of the following areas:

  • Improved Work/Life Balance
  • Greater Financial Control
  • Finding Career Fulfilment
  • Improving Relationships

Living More Satisfactorily, whether this be through any of the above, or for example having more time for friendship, getting rid of clutter (whether physical or mental), having a better home environment.

  • Developing Creativity
  • Deepening Spiritual Awareness
  • Having More Fun in Life
  • Realising More of Their Potential

Personal Coaching can be a relatively faster way for people to make significant life changes, and this is one reason why it has emerged so powerfully in recent years.