Why Choose Us?

  1. The business, managerial and psychological strengths of the Coach Institute of Ireland training team.(For more details on the programme leaders and directors see their profiles under VENUES/DATES/LEADERS, and under DIRECTORS).
  2. First Coach Training Programme in Ireland to be recognised by the prestigious Association for Coaching.  The Coach Institute of Ireland Diploma in Business, Executive & Personal Coaching is run in accordance with the Association for Coaching Code of Ethics and Good Practice.
  3. A programme that both teaches the Skills of Coaching and also addresses the ‘Self-awareness’ and ‘Being’ aspects of the programme participants. There is a psychological emphasis to the Programme which focuses on the Personhood of the Coach as much as on the Coaches set of Skills & Techniques. The underlying philosophical basis of the Programme is Humanistic/Existential; which drawing on the work of Carl Rogers emphasises Client autonomy and choice, and a way of working with Clients which is facilitative rather then directional.
  4. A face-to-face interview that ensures you are 'right' for the programme. If you are going to spend a year training as a Coach, you are entitled to expect that your peer group consists of other individuals like yourself who are able to benefit from the programme. Only a selection process which involves a personal interview will guarantee this.
  5. An opportunity to participate in a Peer Learning Group of individuals to assimilate the learning on the programme.  In order to allow adequate feedback to you on your progress, the ratio of trainees to group leaders is 12:1